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My name is Vedran Miletić, and I love working/playing with computational biochemistry, open source, high performance computing, and any combination of these. More broadly, I am passionate about science and technology, enjoy spending time in nature, and reading books.

What is my band doing?

Nudged elastic band is a reaction path optimization method used in computational chemistry. Basically, you give it the beginning state of the molecular system before the reaction and the resulting state after the reaction. After a little bit of computation, it will tell you how does the reaction go from the beginning to the result.

Computational chemistry is generally pretty cool and applies knowledge from physics in many neat ways. There are also epic software packages, such as GROMACS and CP2K, so you don’t have to do the calculations by hand. On top of that, GROMACS will also take time to inspire you with historical quotes such as

Physics is a few rules, and with some handwaving you can make up the rest

Michael Levitt

To celebrate computational chemistry and in particular nudged elastic band method, I skipped the part where one has to ask the Internet to name his band. That is, I picked the name myself, and with little help from Rightside‘s new TLD .band, nudgedelastic.band was born. Therefore

The name of my band is Nudged Elastic Band, and the image of my band is climbing on an improved tangent. Doubly.

Black text, white background?

I love black text on white background. Plain. Simple. Readable. Exact. As for font choices, I love classical Helvetica as much as its modern imitation Liberation Sans. However, more recently,  I also tend to pick various fonts among high quality typeface designs available at Google Fonts.

Twenty Fifteen, the default WordPress theme for 2015, delivers on that simplicity. Plain rectangles, black text on white background, and Noto fonts combined with love by guys and gals working at Automattic. Thank you.

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