Featured image: Jamie Dench | Unsplash

I am employed by Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies as a postdoc in Frauke Gräter‘s Molecular Biomechanics group. Previously, I was working at University of Rijeka Department of Informatics as a senior research and teaching assistant (postdoc). Previously, I was also working part-time at University of Rijeka Faculty of Engineering. Back then, my research was supervised by Dr. Željko Svedružić; my teaching is supervised by Dr. Mario Radovan.

I am a former developer of ns-3 network simulator and its extension Photonic WDM Network Simulator. I have contributed patches to GROMACS and CP2K atomistic simulators and several other projects.

The views expressed on this blog are my own. As such, they do not reflect the views of my employers, my supervisors, and any of the open source software projects I have contributed to.